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#Underwater #zombie

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Anonymous said: امال حلطط ايه في بقك ؟ في صورة الهيدر

اه دي سيجارة بس مش بتاعتي
كنت بتصور بيها فقط
يعني ما شربتش منها

Anonymous said: بتدخن ؟

الحمدلله لأ
ربنا يبعدها عني


A post detailing how OP and his mother went to pick up his little sister and her friend in a car from an outdoor shopping center called Downtown in Tagamo3 (for reference, Downtown is a fairly swanky place and most people who go there are extremely well-off.)

While they waited for his sister and her friend to get in the car, a policeman came by and rudely told them that parking wasn’t allowed there and they should go. His mother responded that his sister and her friend (who were directly in front of the car) were just getting in and they would leave, and the officer gave them a dirty look and said, “get in? do you think this is a microbus?” and once again she asked him to improve his attitude. He responded by telling them this was the only attitude he had and if they didn’t leave he would take their car and them to the station. Anyway, by this time his sister and her friend were in the car and the policeman then began swearing at them. OP got out of the car and was outraged by the policeman’s manner towards his mother, etc. In the meantime, of the police officers (higher rank than the guy in the original altercation) standing by one was filming the whole thing on his phone, and the other was doing nothing. OP’s mother grew frustrated and asked him how he was letting the officer insult them that way, and he began swearing at her as well.

Finally, after a lot of squabbling OP’s mother pushed him back into the car and as they began to leave the officers stood in front of the car and refused to let them go, and began banging on it and telling them they were taking them to the station. The police officer took out a gun and aimed it at them, so naturally OP’s stopped the car and stood still. Police officer then slapped her across the face and made her get out of the car. Both OP and his mother got out of the car. They were in an extremely tense state at this point and bystanders were asking everyone to calm down, etc.

In the midst of this, they found their car being towed by the winch (i don’t know the english word for this - tow truck?) with his sister and her friend still inside. His mother was in a state of collapse and began screaming at the officer and people refused to tell her his name or where they had taken the car. Finally, about five minutes later someone they called told them their car had been taken to the New Cairo police station, and they went there and found the car completely destroyed from the front. 

The supervising officers and the sheriff denied their officers had done anything wrong, and the pressured OP’s mother to accept a ‘reconciliation case’ otherwise she would be in custody, and then forced her to apologise to the officer who had pulled a gun on them. They also charged a bystander eyewitness who had come to the station with them of assaulting an officer.

Anyway, this is what happens in Egypt to the extremely privileged class. Imagine what happens to the less privileged.   

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